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View information about upcoming Hands & Hearts moving and estate sales. For additional information, e-mail us, or call the Ebenezer Hands & Hearts Moving and Estate Sales office at 612-872-8545. 

When you call Hands & Hearts, a representative will arrange to meet with you and discuss your needs. Our representative will answer your questions and concerns and will carefully explain our estate sales contract. This consultation is free and without obligation. 

Ebenezer Hands & Hearts Moving and Estate Sales
2625 Park Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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Moving out of a family home can be a difficult task. With that move comes the enormous chore of sorting through a lifetime of possessions and selling those items that are no longer needed.  We know  this responsibility can seem overwhelming.

Ebenezer’s Hands & Hearts Moving and Estate Sales program can help ease the transition for you and your family. Our staff has extensive experience in running estate sales and conducts every sale in a professional and respectful manner. From cleaning and pricing merchandise, to packing up and removing unsold items, we make your moving or estate sale worry-free.

Ebenezer experience
Ebenezer Hands & Hearts Moving and Estate Sales has been an award-winning service project of the Friends of Ebenezer since 1994. Since 1917 Ebenezer has helped older adults and others make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure.

Fees and rates
Full service estate sale
Option 1.
The client will be charged $2500 or 30% of the gross proceeds generated from the estate sale, whichever is greater. This fee does not include end of sale pack up, clean out or charity pack up of unsold items and/or dumpster.

Option 2.
The client will be charged $3500, or 30% of the gross proceeds generated from the estate sale, whichever is greater. This fee includes the sale itself, an inventory of unsold items at the completion of the sale, and a charity pick-up, leaving the residence with all trash removed and in an empty broom clean condition.

All estate sales include:  

  • Clean, sort and display merchandise
  • Research values and price items
  • Design and place advertisements including our Web site and local classified ads
  • Notify our mailing list of 1,000-plus followers of your sale
  • Strategically place sales signs in high-traffic areas
  • Cooperate with your realtor to cross-promote if the house is for sale
  • Conduct the sale and assist customers
  • Provide shoppers the convenience of Mastercard®, Visa®, and Discover Card®.
Sorting and pricing service

If you wish to run your own sale, and would like help sorting and pricing, you can hire an experienced Hands & Hearts pricer/sorter at $100 per hour/per person.

Packing and removal service
When you don’t have enough items or time for a sale, we’re still here to help clear out a home or apartment.  Our volunteers will itemize and pack goods for charity and empty the house to “broom clean” for $35 an hour per volunteer. We can also offer advice and resources on other issues related to the disposition of your household items or sale of your home.

Estate and moving sale customer satisfaction
After every sale, we send our clients a customer satisfaction survey. Customers have consistently given Hands & Hearts high marks. In fact, more than 97 percent of our customers have said that, overall, they have been satisfied with our service.  Here’s what several customers personally had to say about…

Our service

  •  “We will be ever grateful to you and your organization for the kindness and caring you showed at a very difficult time for us. Thank you for handling the sale for my brother. Things went so well.”
  • “I was amazed at how the fabulous team of volunteers could take all of our stuff (accumulated from 45 years of living), and sort, clean, polish, price and display it all in a matter of a few days. We were so impressed when, after the successful sale, you packed up and donated unsold items to charity. We deeply appreciate your friendly and competent service.”
Our responsiveness
  • “Hands &  Hearts was extraordinarily responsive to my needs. Their well-trained and knowledgeable staff of volunteers gave me confidence that my interests were protected throughout the sale process.”
  • “Our individual needs were met in a prompt and skillful manner by Hands &  Hearts staff. This service was a Godsend  – perhaps the single most helpful and stress-relieving experience we had in the process of settling the estate.”

Our respectfulness

  • “My mother stopped by the day before the sale and was quite emotional about the selling of her home of 50 years. The volunteers were so compassionate and understanding.”
  • “All of you were so gracious and willing to help me through this ordeal. You were like guardian angels to me.”

Your sale will be successful
There are three reasons every Ebenezer Hands and Hearts sale is a successful one:

We’re professionals
People choose Hands & Hearts Estate Sales because we treat every sale as a special one. We carefully sort and organize your sale items as if they were our own. The busiest days for our volunteer staff are before the sale even begins; the days when they wash, shine, polish, hang, fold and iron the merchandise for your sale. They work hard so when the big sale day arrives, our professional presentation is sure to wow every customer who steps through your door.

We’re thorough
Once Hands &  Hearts staff are  notified and arrangements are  made, you can pack your belongings and leave your house and sale in good hands. Hands & Hearts will advertise the sale in newspapers, post signs in your neighborhood and list your sale on the Ebenezer website.

When your sale is over, you don’t have to worry about any remaining unsold items. Our volunteers will pack them up and have them taken away.  Any remaining usable sale items are usually donated to charity.

We’re knowledgeable
Not only are our volunteers friendly and helpful, they are experienced. You can be sure your sale items are priced fairly. You can also be sure there will be enough help to handle your sale efficiently and to protect the security of your home.  A large, well-trained pool of volunteers stands ready to meet your needs…and goes the extra mile to make your sale successful.

Your sale makes a difference

Stock_WomenFamily45_MedHori_FAN2002910When you hire Ebenezer Hands &  Hearts to conduct your estate or moving sale, you are also making a difference in the lives of older adults in your community.  All fees paid in association with your sale are used to support resident-related projects within Ebenezer’s many long-term care and senior housing facilities.

These funds purchase items or fund programs that directly impact the lives of our residents including:

The Ebenezer Foundation
Ebenezer Hands & Hearts Estate Sales is co-sponsored by the Ebenezer Foundation and the Friends of Ebenezer. The Ebenezer Foundation raises charitable dollars to help support the many programs and services offered through Ebenezer.

From building spiritual care and healing gardens to helping fund a new assisted-living community and intergenerational day care program, the Ebenezer Foundation directs donor dollars where they are needed most.  Funds raised this year will be directed to the following programs and services:

  • Spiritual care and training programs
  • Horticultural therapy, massage therapy and other resident-care services
  • Hands & Hearts Estate Sales program
  • Educational and training opportunities for Ebenezer employees
  • Intergenerational day programs

For more information or to make a donation to the Ebenezer Foundation, please call 612-672-7715 .

Friends of Ebenezer
The Friends of Ebenezer, Minneapolis campus, is the strongest support group for Ebenezer and is a sponsor of Hands & Hearts. Members work tirelessly to reach a common goal: to help older adults and others make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure.

Volunteer opportunities
At Ebenezer, volunteering is a tradition long and proud. In fact, it was a group of volunteers – business people and clergy – who founded Ebenezer in the early 1900s.  We value our volunteers and Friends of Ebenezer members; they are among our most important resources.
When it comes to volunteer opportunities, Hands & Hearts has something for everyone. Some of the most typical tasks we need help with are:

  • Sorting items
  • Researching values
  • Arranging displays
  • Making phone calls
  • Pricing merchandise
  • Assisting customers
  • Bagging purchases
  • Loading the Hands & Hearts van

What our volunteers say

  • “After I retired, I felt it was time to give something back to society. I was looking for meaningful volunteer work when I first walked into a Hands & Hearts sale as a customer. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. I was impressed by the quality of their work. They provided excellent service and really seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  I decided then and there to become a volunteer for Hands & Hearts.  I feel good about myself after seeing the results of the hard work I put into a sale. The social part is fun, too! I look forward to seeing other volunteers every week working on a common goal.”
  • “It’s fun to volunteer with Hands & Hearts. I put aside three days a week to work on the sales. I miss it when we don’t have a sale every week. I miss the group and the I miss what we do for families.”
  • “Ebenezer’s Hands & Hearts attracted me because the people who volunteer are fascinating. They are all so different, and yet, they are all volunteering to do something for others. Organizing a sale is a lot of work, but I enjoy working with the other volunteers and it keeps me physically and mentally active.  I also feel appreciated by the people we serve.” 

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